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defender goalie masks

The Defender Goalie Mask shell is the definition of advanced composite manufacturing. The pro level Double D is available in 4 sizes and composed of chemically and thermally fused quad-axial / unidirectional polypropylene encased fiberglass, aramid and carbon fiber. Each material layer is utilized for a specific function. The exterior layer is high impact fiberglass, the second layer is catastrophic failure eliminating aramid and the third layer is a bonding layer of fiberglass while the interior layer is rigid carbon fiber. All of these layers will be intersecting and configured in 0 / 45 / 90 / 45 degree lay-up schedule. These materials are bonded by heat fusing the polypropylene under vacuum in a heated chamber. The polypropylene acts as a damp membrane which eliminates harmonic ringing when hit by an impact. Every shell is laid out, cut out and assembled to the customer’s specification.

The foam padding of the mask is made in the USA from Co-Polymer of Ethylene and Vinyl Acetate (PVA). The PVA foam padding is nearly weightless, impervious to sweat, and bacterial growth. This time tested foam padding has proven itself to be concussion reducing from impacts white providing a very high level of comfort and durability. In each goalie masks size, the padding can easily be altered to achieve a perfect custom fit without sacrificing performance. The padding can also be sold in sheets for or installed by Defender as a refurbishing service.

All of the mask hardware (bolts, nuts, clips and snaps) is made in the USA from the highest grade non-rusting stainless steel available. These parts can be powder coated to allow the consumer to customize their mask in numerous color combinations. These can be sold in kits or or installed by Defender as a refurbishing service.

The mask cage is made in Canada of strong heavy gauge grade of non-rusting stainless steel in three different configurations: Cat Eye, Cheater and Approved Grid. All of the interchangeable cages can be powder coated in any color to allow the consumer to customize their mask or installed by Defender as a refurbishing service.

The back pad straps are made in the USA from extra heavy duty military specified elastic and polypropylene in black and white. The straps have a very long life span, don't absorb sweat and are easily replaceable or installed by Defender as a refurbishing service so the customer can upgrade any mask on the market.

To finish out the mask components, the sweat bands, chin cup and mask bag are of the highest quality. These items are available for retail point of sale so the customer can continue to maintain any mask they have.

All of the Defender masks can be painted in stock solid colors or upgraded with custom painted designs that match existing goalie equipment graphics. This customization is not available from any other goalie mask manufacturer. The goalie can put their team name, player number and name on the mask for a nominal price upgrade. This service rounds out the total customization approach Defender prides itself on.

Additionally, Defender will refurbish most goalie masks on the market. There and thousands of potential customers that can’t afford a new mask and will benefit from this high profit service. Once the customer has experienced our services at this level, they will look to Defender when they make their new mask purchase.

By offering the entire goalie mask solution, Defender is positioned to be the one stop source for all goalie helmet needs. The current market place doesn't offer many of the products we can offer from a point of sale off the shelf item to a 100% custom product. By delivering all of these products and services, Defender will be the go to manufacturer for retailers to professionals. The safest, most advanced and highest level of customizable goalie mask will secure our spot in the market place.


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