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Defender Goalie Masks founder Chad A. Warwick, brings over 20 years of experience in the goalie mask manufacturing business to Defender. When Chad started Defender in 2012 his mission was simple: Manufacture the most technically advanced goalie mask possible. The end result of Chad’s tireless work is a masterpiece where form truly meets function.

Chad’s history in the goalie mask industry goes back to Port Huron Michigan and growing up watching his dad Gary Warwick make goalie masks for some of the best goalies in the NHL. Chad has fond memories of visiting Ed Belfour’s house in 1992 with his dad when Ed needed a new mask. Or the time Chad had to put a mask together while Dominic Hasek looked over his shoulder – ya that was stressful. It’s this rich history that drives Chad’s passion to take the family legacy to the next level in manufacturing technology and performance

When Chad began working with a leading supplier of composite materials, he knew immediately the goalie mask business was about to be reinvented. This journey culminated in 2017 with the fully realized Defender Double D utilizing the most advanced thermally formed  

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